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What We Offer

A Modern Private Practice, Powered by Nurse Practitioners.


Save time using our efficient and convenient video and phone call feature.

Many of the concerns we visit the hospital or clinic for, can be addressed via telemedicine. Schedule a telemedicine appointment with your Nurse Practitioner to ask questions about your health, treatments, and prescriptions without ever leaving home.

If your Nurse Practitioner determines that an in-person visit is required to address your concern, simply book your clinic visit or at-home visit from the same convenient Care& Family Health app.

Home Visits

Because sometimes you just can’t make it to the clinic.

We understand that it can be challenging getting to the clinic sometimes, especially when you need it the most.Care& Family Health provides access to healthcare when life’s unexpected challenges arise.

Care& is your solution to convenient healthcare whether you need a consult at home, in your office, at daycare or virtually.

Lab Testing

The ability to offer bloodwork services and testing provides patients with a convenient one-stop streamlined solution to their healthcare needs.

A requisition from a Care& Nurse Practitioner is required to book appointments for all blood work and blood tests at the Care& Family Health clinic.

Please note that sample processing fees will apply to all non-OHIP clients.

Health History

Gain access to your highly secured health records at anytime by using our app or patient portal.

Every subscriber enjoys complete access to consultation notes, prescriptions, diagnostics, lab results & immunizations.

A comprehensive summary of your care history is available at your fingertips so you can better manage your health.

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