Celebrate Your Nurse Practitioner: Nominate Them for the Patient Choice Award!

At Care&, we recognize the profound impact that healthcare professionals, especially Nurse Practitioners, have on our lives. They are not just caregivers but trusted advisors and supporters through various health challenges. That's why we're excited to share an opportunity for you to recognize these dedicated professionals.

The Nurse Practitioner Association of Ontario (NPAO) is accepting nominations for the prestigious Patient Choice Award. This special award honors Nurse Practitioners who have made significant differences in the lives of their patients and families.

Why Nominate?

Every day at Care&, we hear inspiring stories from our patients about the compassionate, expert care they receive from their Nurse Practitioners. Whether it's innovative treatment approaches, exceptional emotional support, or lifesaving care, our NPs go above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes.

Here's Your Chance to Give Back

If you've ever thought, "My Nurse Practitioner is the best!" this is your opportunity to let them shine. Nominate them for the Patient Choice Award to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. It only takes a few minutes to submit...

Interested in Participating?

Submit your nomination easily online by June 14, 2024. Visit the NPAO nomination page for more details and to submit your entry. This is your chance to share your story and potentially see your favorite Nurse Practitioner honored for their outstanding service.

Remember, the influence of a great caregiver can last a lifetime. Let's celebrate the ones who've made a difference in ours. Thank you for being a part of our community and for considering participation in this heartfelt initiative. Your stories inspire us every day, and together, we can show our appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to caring for us.


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