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There is a lot of information lately about telemedicine and this technology has come to the forefront due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to tell you why we are different from our competitors and we believe that telemedicine cannot be a standalone service for healthcare.

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Considering birth control? You’re probably overwhelmed by all the options available. While most types of contraceptives have the same end game, each one offers its own unique benefits. We at Care& Family Health offer this article as a guide to help you discover which type of contraceptive is right for you.

Prime Minister Trudeau said recently in a press briefing that “equal access is ‘foundational’ to Canada’s health-care system”. But with upheaval in Ontario’s testing system, assessment centre volumes dropping due to lack of appointment availability, other provinces and cross-border private facilities bailing Ontario out of their backlog and positivity rates rising, Health Canada remains steadfast that private health clinics cannot and should not have equal access to COVID-19 tests for patients.

Although impressive, the universality of Canada’s healthcare system can lead to extensive wait-times. Patients are often forced to wait several weeks to schedule an appointment with their primary care provider. For this reason, many patients often turn to private healthcare for quicker access.

A quick and simple check-up is one of the best ways to stay healthy and prevent future health problems. However, certain factors and lifestyle barriers can convince you to avoid scheduling one. But you shouldn’t.

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across the globe, and as cases rise, most people are being urged to follow social distancing guidelines and remain at home as much as possible. With Care& Family Health’s app, you can schedule a telehealth consult with a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and get treatment and advice for your anxiety without ever leaving home.

A new form of coronavirus is making its way around the globe, and as of February 4, 2020, there have been five confirmed cases of coronavirus here in Canada. While this may seem alarming, there are ways to limit potential exposure to the virus. Read on to learn more about coronavirus and how Care& Family Health can help keep you and your loved ones safe with our telemedicine call service.

Traveling, whether it’s for a family vacation or to study abroad, is a great experience that can be life-changing. But to make sure your trip is a safe and healthy one, you should get a travel consultation at Care& Family Health. Our team of highly trained nurse practitioners can help keep you and your loved ones safe by making sure you get the required vaccinations and that you’re prepared to handle any potential health risks.

Care& Family Health is a patient centered health care service that starts with a simple download of our app. Our revolutionary app opens up the world of healthcare and essentially brings it to your door or device. Don’t waste precious time in the emergency department or medical waiting rooms. Simply download the app and get started. Care& Family Health has made meaningful, virtual medical consultations possible, which in turn promise quick and accurate diagnoses. Studies have shown that approximately 70% of all ailment queries can be solved easily and promptly via telemedicine, ensuring your time is protected and, more importantly, your health concerns are met.

Accessing a walk-in clinic or even your family doctor can be challenging at the best of times. Overcrowding often prevents you from being seen in a timely way – or at all. When we are feeling unwell, whether it’s a chronic or acute problem, we would like to feel we matter and be seen in a welcoming, professional environment. This is how Care& Family Health can help – when it matters the most, we can offer you care, from evaluation to diagnosis to treatment, in our mid-town Toronto family clinic.

Men have specific health needs that require monitoring and screening that will help ensure optimum health. From male sexual health to lifestyle management and health education, Care& Family Health has you covered. Our primary health care providers not only perform tests, diagnose and prescribe, but teach and counsel when it comes to your health care needs. Care& Family Health is a patient centered health care service that starts with the simple download of an app.

The numbers of episodic events that are seen in primary care are infinite. From medication refills to asthma, and low back pain to respiratory infections, there are unlimited numbers of issues that come up in a primary care setting. Some are chronic and need to be followed, and some are one-time conditions that require treatment. Whatever the case, Care& Family Health can assess, diagnose and treat episodic events via telemedicine. Telemedicine, or medical video chat, will connect you with a health care professional at Care& Family Health who can help over video chat with most minor and some chronic concerns.

Maintaining good health is important, and maintaining good health records plays a key role in doing so. Recently, Toronto Public Health has increased monitoring of students who are either missing a vaccination or did not file the appropriate record proving vaccinations are up to date. Schools, both public and private, do not allow unvaccinated children to register or attend for public health and safety reasons. Either of these infractions, a missed or unreported vaccination, will cost your child a suspension from school until the matter is resolved.

Historically, doctors often made house calls – dropping by for a visit to check up on an ill family member was not only commonplace but also very convenient. Health care today is delivered much differently – for better or for worse, visits to a clinic or hospital ER are predominantly the only way to be seen by a health care professional. At Care& Family Health, we realize health care is not one size fits all. Some patients may have difficulty attending the office due to illness, mobility issues or even child care.

Care& Family Health is changing the face of family medicine as we know it today. Gone are the days of sitting in medical waiting rooms for hours to see a primary care provider or requesting an appointment weeks in advance, only to get sicker and perhaps have to visit your local emergency department. With our newly developed patient-centered model, visiting a family medical walk-in clinic has never been easier. With a fast and easy download of our app, you will experience the best healthcare has to offer. Our state of the art medical walk-in clinic is staffed by health care professionals with experience, know-how and an impeccable bedside manner.

Cancer is no longer the death sentence that it was many years ago. Although a “cure” for cancer as a whole has not been discovered, there are so many advances in cancer prevention and treatment of specific cancers that in many cases longevity is not affected by what used to be a devastating diagnosis. Prevention, via screening and regular physical checkups, has become commonplace, and by complying with scheduled screenings, cancer can be found earlier and treated, or even eradicated, in many cases.

Due to overwhelming demand, Care& Family Health has extended their coverage area to most of the expanded Greater Toronto Area. Care& Family Health's new expanded service area stretches from Lake Ontario in the south to Teston Road in the north, and from Highway 400 on the west to Highway 404/DVP to the east, which is nearly 4 times the size of our previous coverage area.

Mental Health issues, like anxiety and depression, are becoming more prevalent and also have less stigma attached than in previous years, so people are increasingly seeking help for these and other mental health and wellness issues. Care& Family Health is a patient centered health care service that starts with the simple download of an app. Our platform’s medical services include video conferencing, home visits and a state of the art clinic located in mid-town Toronto. Our staff includes qualified, licensed nurse practitioners (NP’s), who are able to screen for, diagnose and treat various mental health issues.

Women have specific health issues that require a high and consistent level of comprehensive health focus. From sexual health to lifestyle management and everything in between, women can access our three medical platforms for all their health needs. Care& Family Health is a patient centered health care service that starts with a simple download of an app. Our platforms include video conferencing, home visits and a clinic located in mid-town Toronto.

On April 7, 2018, CBC News posted an article titled Think Twice Before Consulting Dr. Google, Researchers Say. Making an appointment with “Dr. Google” is detrimental for many reasons, including the fact that the web is not your doctor. “People treat the web like a doctor, but the web is not taking the Hippocratic Oath,” said Dr. Tim Libert, whose paper “What Web Browsing Reveals about your Health“ was published in the BMJ in 2015.

Hypertension or High blood pressure is a common ailment. Many people have high blood pressure and don't even realize it. Common symptoms may be written off on other ailments. Getting checked out is the only way to know if you are affected by this common ailment. Make sure that your blood pressure is checked regularly. Learn about why you should get your blood pressure checked today.

Acne can be an embarrassing problem. Most people will suffer from acne multiple times in their life. What is to blame for acne? Are the myths out their true?

Menopause is something all females go through. My own mother is going through it right now. Its confusing and you may not know what to expect. You are not alone, many women around you are going through the exact same thing. It’s time that we talk about some of the common symptoms and what you can do for them. Don't be scared or alone anymore reach out to your friends, family and healthcare practitioner to get the help you need.