Celebrating National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month and we want to bring awareness to the importance of healthy eating. Healthy habits look different for everyone and we encourage you to explore how your unique habits can impact your lifestyle. ⁠Although nutrition can be overwhelming, by starting your journey at home, healthy practices can evolve into healthy habits.  

With a busy schedule, cooking a meal for yourself or your family may seem daunting. A simple way to avoid skipping meals or ordering takeout is to plan your meals ahead of time. Having a more efficient system in place will diminish opportunities to make poor food choices. Meal planning can involve creating a list of ingredients prior to grocery shopping, scheduling times throughout the day that you would like to eat each meal, and following easy recipes with fresh ingredients. 

Enjoy this quick and simple breakfast smoothie recipe that only requires a few ingredients:


1 cup of milk (plant milk or water can be substituted)

1 banana 

½ cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)

½ cup of nut butter 

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder 


In a blender, add your ingredients. Purée the ingredients until fully incorporated and smooth.


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