The Benefits of Having an Annual Physical

It’s common knowledge to visit a healthcare practitioner when you feel ill or symptomatic. However, getting an examination despite feeling healthy is also good practice. An annual physical can let you know where your health is at, allowing for reflection and adjustments of your current medications and more. A yearly physical prepares you for anything that might come up in the near future and reassesses health changes that may get overlooked in your day-to-day lifestyle.

Below are some reasons why you could benefit from an annual physical:

  1. Preventative Health Measures

Preventative health is rooted in understanding where you’re currently at with your health and wellness to plan how you should move forward. An annual physical examination factors things you don’t constantly monitor (like your blood pressure or feeling for lumps), which may indicate if you’re well or need to adjust. With preventative, your practitioner looks out for you so that nothing gets out of hand. This “better safe than sorry” approach is helpful for those who experience health anxiety and need peace of mind or for those who say they’ll “book something tomorrow” but never do!

  1. Updating Vaccinations

If you’re behind on vaccinations or wish to learn more about what’s available–an annual physical is the perfect time to bring this up to your healthcare provider. Whether you forgot, are vacationing, unsure, or simply need one, contact Care& today, and we can help align you with your needs!

  1. Assessing Your Current Medications

Sometimes patients take medication knowing that it won’t be a lifetime treatment plan for their individual needs. For example, some people take birth control, depression, or anxiety medication with the intent to assess later on if it’s still necessary for them. It’s essential, however, to know when to stop taking a medication, how to stop taking it, or if you should stop at all. With an annual physical, Care& will discuss topics such as medication and ask you questions about how it’s working for you to evaluate the next steps safely.

  1. Understanding Your Lifestyle

Understanding your lifestyle seems pretty straightforward. You might think that you “know yourself inside out,” but assessing your lifestyle with a healthcare professional is essential for your physical and mental well-being. At Care&, a medical professional will review your records and compare them to your current state. Suppose your stress levels are increasing without sign of physical ailments. In that case, it may be possible that external factors are influencing your health, such as your job, your routines, children, responsibilities, and the amount of sleeping or eating you do, among many others. By walking through your lifestyle with a Care&  nurse practitioner, you might just understand yourself a little bit better!

These are only four reasons to get an annual physical, but there are always more when it comes to your health! If you need to get a physical done, contact Care& to set up an appointment today. With unlimited un-rushed appointments that start on time, you’ll feel heard, involved, and respected!


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