With Effective Screening, Cancer Can Often Be Prevented

With Effective Screening, Cancer Can Often Be Prevented

Cancer is no longer the death sentence that it was many years ago.  Although a “cure” for cancer as a whole has not been discovered, there are so many advances in cancer prevention and treatment of specific cancers that in many cases longevity is not affected by what used to be a devastating diagnosis.  Prevention, via screening and regular physical checkups, has become commonplace, and by complying with scheduled screenings, cancer can be found earlier and treated, or even eradicated, in many cases.  Care& Family Health is a patient-centered health care service that starts with the simple download of our app. We offer three platforms of care, including video conferencing, medical home visits and a state of the art clinic located in mid-town Toronto. Our health care professionals are licensed nurse practitioners (NP’s) who are qualified to diagnose, treat and screen for illness and disease, as well as prescribe. Care& Family Health is a digital-first primary health care service with a human touch that offers medical professional web chat, house calls and same-day clinic visits, all through Care& Family Health unique app.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure | Family Clinic | Care& Family Health

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true in the case of cancer prevention and screening. Waiting until symptoms arise can, in some cases, be too late to completely eradicate a problem. However, meeting with a Nurse Practitioner to discuss evidence-based strategies to minimize cancer risk, having access to counselling and support, and taking part in scheduled screenings will all work together to detect problems early when they are more likely treatable. Care& Family Health recommends screening for certain cancers based on age, risk factors and timetables that are in line with provincial screening guidelines. Our medical team will do their best to ensure your continued good health by maintaining excellent health records, including screening schedules for cancer and other illnesses as required. Knowing your health history and risk factors is the first step in preventing unwanted illness of all types, including cancer. Health is often the number one priority for people, and at Care& Family Health, we work in partnership with you to sustain good health.

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Care& Family Health recommends regular cancer screening to detect cancer early, when it’s most likely treatable.  Cancers like colon, breast and cervical, among others, can be found early and in some of those cases, eradicated entirely. By not taking part in regular screening, you are putting yourself at risk for cancers that are symptomless until too late. Screening makes up only part of cancer prevention; there are additional ways to lower your risk, including diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices, like not smoking.  Related to this, we offer nutritional screening and advice, which can cut down on cancer risk considerably. Our Nurse Practitioners can discuss cancer prevention via a medical video consultation, or during a visit to our mid-town Toronto clinic.  Our recently expanded coverage area means that patients in Toronto and most of the GTA are eligible to use our app and can get the peace of mind that screening provides. Doing everything you can to prevent and screen for potential cancers will greatly increase the likelihood of finding a problem sooner rather than later, and ensuring your longevity is unaffected.

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Welcome to the next evolution of family medicine in Canada. Now serving the Toronto area, Care& Family Health features a powerful new app offering a unique platform designed to make your life easier and healthier. Our new software is the next step in patient-centered care. It reflects our goal to design our family practice around you, our patient, and to provide the treatment you need, with added focus on mental health and wellness.

For only $20 plus HST per month, our family practice will provide you with the following:

Secure digital access to all your medical records;Unlimited visits to our state of the art medical clinic conveniently located in mid-town Toronto;Unlimited Video Consultations with our Medical Professionals.

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At Care& Family Health we feel it’s vital to feel trust and confidence in your healthcare team. By not rushing our patients, we deliver superior health outcomes. We take the time to know you as an individual and build a relationship. Your good health is what we care about. Download our app today.

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