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Accessing a walk-in clinic or even your family doctor can be challenging at the best of times.  Overcrowding often prevents you from being seen in a timely way – or at all. When we are feeling unwell, whether it’s a chronic or acute problem, we would like to feel we matter and be seen in a welcoming, professional environment. This is how Care& Family Health can help – when it matters the most, we can offer you care, from evaluation to diagnosis to treatment, in our mid-town Toronto family clinic. This professional service comprises only a part of the full platform we offer; video consultation, home visits and digital medical records round out the platform that makes up a patient-centred health care service beginning with the simple download of our app. This app opens up the world of healthcare and essentially brings it to your door, or device. Join our all access plan for $50 a month you will receive unlimited access to all platforms available – home visits, office visits, digital medical records and telemedicine – video consultations.

Care& Family Health leverages advances in technology to make meaningful virtual consultations possible, without sacrificing personal interaction. Many queries and medical issues can often be resolved through video consultation, but when they aren’t, and for physicals and examinations, the Care& Family Health clinic is conveniently located in midtown Toronto. Your monthly subscription fee to Care& Family Health covers unlimited visits to our clinic for assessment and treatment of your medical condition.

Unlike purely virtual platforms and impersonal automated apps, Care& Family Health combines on-demand virtual mobile healthcare with an in-person clinical model, assuring patients receive targeted care and individualized support. This level of care, delivered by professional and accredited nurse practitioners, is focused on the patient’s maintenance of good health and ensuring the patient’s health care is coordinated, evidence-based and continuous. Care& Family Health three accessible platforms also reduce the need to conduct internet searches via WebMD-type services that are known to give incorrect or incomplete information and serve only to confound the issue for the patient.

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Patient-centered care is at the heart of the Care& Family Health model, with a nurse practitioner-led clinic built on an innovative digital model that delivers comprehensive primary health care — and house calls — wherever you are within the serviced territory in Toronto. Nurse practitioners are proven to provide timely access to high-quality, cost-effective care; these professionals are already delivering primary care to over 3 million Canadians.  Care& Family Health delivers high quality, personalized medicine right to your home.

With a simple download of our app, you can access unlimited family medical home visits to help with diagnosis, treatment and follow up care.  Our primary healthcare providers offer home visits for health issues that cannot be dealt with easily via telemedicine or a visit to our clinic. Home visits are especially helpful for those who may be less mobile, have transportation challenges or have chronic illnesses that impact the ability to leave the home, whether temporarily or long-term. The unlimited nature of all three Care& Family Health platforms takes the pressure off the patient. Many patients feel they must condense visits or select only one complaint per visit to share with their primary care provider. Realistically, we know many illnesses have co-morbidities that need dealt with on each visit, including medication concerns and side effects, to name only a few. When you are ill, it can be very hard to make a trip to a clinic. By allowing a caring, professional nurse-practitioner into your home, you are putting your health concerns first and receiving the care you require, in a timely and unlimited manner.

About Care& Family Health | Family Clinic | Family Medical Home Visit | Toronto

Welcome to the next evolution of family medicine in Canada. Now serving the mid-town and downtown Toronto area, Care& Family Health features a powerful new app offering a unique platform designed to make your life easier and healthier. The new software is the next step in patient-centered care. It reflects our goal to design our family medical practice around you, our patient, and to provide the treatment you need, when and how you need it, whether via telemedicine, unlimited visits to our state of the art family clinic or family medical home visits. Also, access your personal electronic medical record to stay on top of your health in partnership with Care& Family Health.

For only $50 plus HST per month, our all access plan provides you with the following:

Secure digital access to all your medical records, including vaccine immunization records;Unlimited home visits by our medical professionals;Unlimited visits to our state of the art medical clinic conveniently located in mid-town Toronto;Unlimited Video Consultations with our medical professionals.


Care& Family Health | Attentive, Comprehensive Medical Care – All in your Back Pocket

At Care& Family Health we feel it’s vital to feel trust and confidence in your healthcare team. By not rushing our patients, we deliver superior health outcomes. We take the time to know you as an individual and build a relationship. Your good health is what we care about. Download our app today.


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