Congratulations You’re Pregnant! What Happens Next?

Prenatal care involves an in-depth discussion with the mom-to-be about the medical care she will expect to receive during her pregnancy. As part of her prenatal care, a Care& nurse practitioner (NP) will talk about physical activity, nutrition, work, and common pregnancy complaints. During each appointment, they will monitor her and her baby’s health, monitor that they are growing appropriately, discuss tests to check her and her baby’s different health conditions, and will make a plan for her labour and delivery. This way, the only surprise mom will expect, is the birth of her healthy newborn.  

Prenatal appointments are recommended to begin as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Patients however are also encouraged to make a pre-pregnancy appointment to discuss which vitamins and supplements to start and which to stop, especially prescription medications, before conception. 

During pregnancy, there may be questions or concerns that come up that require attention. Telemedicine appointments at Care& are often available the same day through our app and are unlimited throughout a patient’s pregnancy.

What happens at a typical prenatal appointment with Care&? 

  • Patients communicate with the NP about their family and other parent’s medical history 
  • A complete check-up including a physical exam 
  • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat as pregnancy progresses
  • Blood/urine tests are conducted on-site at our clinic, no third-party lab is required
  • Discussion of lifestyle/diet modifications
  • Most importantly, to answer any of your prenatal questions without feeling rushed.

Our comfortable and clean on-site lab will include tests to check your blood type and for infections that could pass to your baby or harm your baby. It also provides the optimal environment to conduct the two-hour glucose challenge tests, if needed. 

Routine vaccines are reviewed and available if needed. All of this is included in the full membership at no additional cost.

Just before patients near the end of their second trimester, our team will assist in the process of finding an obstetrician to take-over care of mom and her baby until  delivery. 

Through our app, patients can access their medical records including ultrasounds, bloodwork, and the Ontario Prenatal Record at any point throughout their prenatal appointments.

After delivery, your NP will follow up with you and your newborn for the first-week-of-life newborn assessment. 

Beyond infancy, your NP will provide ongoing healthcare services including childhood immunizations, regular check-ups, and as-needed diagnostics and prescriptions.


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