Care& Family Health Launches Blood Work Services at Yorkville Clinic

Care& Family Health is pleased to announce the launch of blood work and blood tests on-site at its clinic in Yorkville. As of today, April 5, 2021, all annual subscribers can book appointments for blood work and tests as requisitioned by Care& Nurse Practitioners through the Care& iOS and Android App, and through the Care& online portal. 

The ability to offer blood work services and testing provides patients with a convenient, one-stop, streamlined solution to their healthcare needs. Kindly note that a Care& Nurse Practitioner’s requisition is required to book appointments for all blood work and blood tests at the Care& Family Health Clinic.

Results of the blood tests and all medical history will be recorded and saved under the health records section of each patient’s profile for quick and user-friendly access by the patient at any time. 

To learn more, chat with us on the Care& iOS and Android App, or contact us through the Care& online portal


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