Why Telemedicine is a Parent’s Best Ally

Benefits to Telemedicine 

 The last thing a parent wants to add to their to-do list between school and extracurriculars is another trip across town for what may be minor. Thankfully, Care& Family Health offers a convenient option with telemedicine services. Below are some of the ways you and your family can benefit from a telemedicine appointment with Care& Family Health:

1. User-Friendly Appointment Bookings

Booking an appointment is easy by using the Care& Health Family app for iOS or Android and the website. Your child will be seen within 24 to 48 hours of booking. 

2. Consistent Care 

Care& Family Health ensures that all services and appointments - virtual or in person - remain with the same practitioner. Follow-up appointments are seamless for both you and your child’s practitioner. 

3. Improved Time Management

Often, parents are required to take time off work to make an in-person appointment for their child. With telemedicine, you can connect with your child’s practitioner from home, work, or wherever feels most convenient. 

4. Comfortable & Convenient 

When your child is sick, the last thing you want to do is take them out of the house. You and your child can seek medical advice via phone, video, or secure messaging from the comfort of your home. 

5. Reduced Exposure to Illness 

By communicating with your child’s practitioner via Care& Family Health telemedicine service, you are helping to reduce the spread and exposure to common sicknesses (in particular, COVID-19.) 

6. Getting Ahead of Health Problems 

With greater access to medical care, it’s easier to catch potential issues early, improving long-term care, and health outcomes. 

When You Shouldn’t Use Telemedicine for Your Child

Telemedicine should be seen as a service that complements regular, in-person visits with your child’s practitioner. Despite the various benefits of telemedicine, it’s important to acknowledge that telemedicine does not replace in-person visits for your child’s healthcare. While various medical needs can be easily handled by video, phone, or messaging communications, some are best addressed in person. Common childhood illnesses, such as strep throat, urinary tract infections, or ear infections require a trip to Care& Family Health for a proper diagnosis. Any blood, urine, or stool testing and vaccinations would need to be done at the clinic with your practitioner. In the case of an emergency, 9-1-1 should be called for immediate attention.  

Parents - Meet Your Healthcare Ally

From preventing potential health risks to improving personal time management, it’s no surprise that telemedicine has become a widely accepted practice among healthcare professionals and patients. When your child is in need of a virtual check-in, simply book your appointment with Care& Family Health for unrushed appointments that start on time.  


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