5 Reasons Why You’re Avoiding a Check-Up, But Shouldn’t

A quick and simple check-up is one of the best ways to stay healthy and prevent future health problems. However, certain factors and lifestyle barriers can convince you to avoid scheduling one. But you shouldn’t.

Let’s discuss five reasons why you may be avoiding a medical check-up, and why doing so can be harmful to your health.

1. No time

Many patients avoid medical check-ups because they simply don’t have time to go. In fact, one study found that, out of 1,369 people, 58% of them avoided medical care because of lifestyle barriers, like not being able to miss work and time constraints. On average, most people who visit a clinic spend around 45 minutes waiting to be seen and only spend 15 minutes speaking with their doctor. But, with telemedicine, you can quickly and easily speak to your provider - and it only takes 15 minutes total. You can get a check-up during your lunch break or from the comfort of your couch!

2. No childcare

If you have children, finding quality childcare at a reasonable price can pose a challenge. And you may not want to bring your child or children with you to a clinic out of fear of them getting sick or being fussy. If that’s the case, Care& Family Health can come to you. Our practice offers home visits when you register through our mobile app or patient web portal.

3. Fear

Fear is a common reason for patients to avoid getting a health check-up. Some people are afraid that, if they do get a health evaluation, they may receive bad news. But it’s not always fear of a diagnosis that keeps people out of health clinics. Some patients experience anxiety at the thought of undergoing medical testing, others are terrified of needles. Treating a medical condition also makes some people scared. These fears keep many people from scheduling or going to an appointment, but doing so actually puts them at a greater risk for health problems.

4. You may get sick

A clinical setting often makes people worried that, you guessed it, they’re going to get sick. This is especially true when outbreaks happen. Your symptoms are minor and may not require any medical attention, so why risk actually getting sick? This mindset can do more harm than good, as minor symptoms can progress quickly. If getting sick worries you, you can still get a health checkup without the risks of an in-office visit. Care& Family Health offers convenient telemedicine services through our app. You can safely speak with one of our qualified Nurse Practitioners about your symptoms by phone or video, and they can provide you and your family with the necessary treatment.

5. You feel healthy

Your family’s medical history is great, you feel healthy and rarely get sick. So what’s the point of getting a health check-up?

For starters, many people can have health problems without even knowing it. High cholesterol is a perfect example. Anyone can have high cholesterol levels, regardless of weight, and it’s undetectable unless you get a blood test. Scheduling a health check-up every couple of months is the key to maintaining you and your family’s health.

Ready to schedule your check-up? Contact Care& Family Health today to schedule your appointment or register through our app to book your visit online.



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